Hello, possible mentor.

If you are wondering what that first line means, this is not the post you’re looking for.

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This post is devoted solely on all my possible Pitch Wars mentors, along with my fellow mentees who are sizing up their competition.

A short note on this blog: it is severely neglected. I went back to work full time last year and the blog was one of the first things to go, so no judging. Moving along…

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Some random stuff about me:

  1. My Creative Nonfiction professor once called me a deer poop writer. While that sounds bad, I think he meant it in a quantity-not-quality way. I hope. You know, deer poop instead of, say, a big ol’ pile of grizzly poop. I tend to write the bare bones of stories and then add on. I know a lot of writers who do the exact opposite.
  2. I’m a teacher in a town this small: .
  3. It has taken me an insane amount of time to pin down the genre in which I wanted to write. I read widely–I read everything pretty much–so I tried writing picture books, MG, YA, women’s fiction, NA, horror, magical realism. Everything. I think I’ve found my home in contemporary romance.
  4. I will have 21 students this year (a huge class for my small town). I have 3 sons, 1 husband, 12 heelers (9 of them are puppies), 3 rabbits, and 21 chickens. I also have a garden. I can foods from my garden. I stay pretty busy.
  5. My house is never clean. We have a pretty strict schedule for chores, where the boys do most of the work, but they also make most of the mess. I wash clothes and cook– that’s pretty much it. The boys do the rest: dishes, sweep, bathroom, vaccuum, etc. They are 11 and under and are still learning what “clean” means. They just have to redo things. A lot. My house will never grace the cover of a magazine, that’s for sure.
  6. I’ve published a book with Carina Press, under the pen name Dani Irons. Here’s the gorgeous cover:


About the book I will be pitching:

OPEN, a contemporary romance

Twenty-two year-old skating rink worker and hopeless romantic, Emiline, decides to jump into an open relationship with Robin–a man who’s been with the same girl for six years. Her M.O.? She’s sick of always being the one who loves most in relationships, the one who’s always getting hurt. She wants to learn how to emotionally distance herself, thinking a casual relationship with an emotionally unavailable man is the way to go. The problem is Em can’t change who she is, not really. She falls hard for Robin–his kindness, his witty banter, even his beard. Despite trying to distance herself from him, she gets hooked.

Twenty-three year-old restaurateur and loyal-to-a-fault, Robin, seems to be falling for Em, too. He can’t get her carefree laugh out of his head or the protective way he feels about her. His girlfriend, with whom he’s been completely in love for six years, is leaving him home alone more and more often to be with someone else. Robin thinks he knows what decision he needs to make, that is, until his girlfriend ends up pregnant and it’s unclear who the father is.


What I like to read:

  1. Nearly anything, but the voice has to grab me right away. I don’t have any qualms about setting the book down after the first page. There is too much to read and not any to waste on a meh book. I like a character-driven story that’s twisty and full of angst.
  2. My favorite writer as of now is Colleen Hoover. Her books steal my entire day.
  3. I also LOVE Jamie McGuire. Her book BEAUTIFUL DISASTER was amazing.

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What kind of Mentee I will be:

  1. Thick-skinned, unless you are being a meanie for no reason.
  2. Hard-working. A beta once called me a great rewriter. So there’s that.
  3. Fun. I hope. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I do take things seriously. Does that make sense?
  4. Flexible, to a point. I won’t bend on things I’m adamant about. Which actually isn’t much.
  5. Inquisitive. I like to ask questions, mostly to clarify. I need lots of clarification.


What I might need help with:

  1. POV–this is my first dual POV and ’tis hard.
  2. Ratcheting up the tension. I want more angst in my story, dang it. More, more, more!

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If any of this grabs your attention, let’s have a chat.

Thank you to everyone who is a part of Pitch Wars and the blog hop. Here are their links:

Blog Hop

Pitch Wars





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