Throwback Thursday: 6th Grade Play and a Large Needle


This is the best photo ever! It should win awards! Except for, you know, the fact that it’s super blurry and you can’t tell which one I am (far right) and there’s a big gray fro in front of whoever took this picture.

We were old ladies dancing to “Do Ya Love Me?” with balloon boobs and baby powder coating our hair.

Such good memories. Like how I was so sick during the entire performance and when it was over and my mom said how good it was and I told her I thought I might pass out and she told me to “knock it off.”

Granted, I was a BIT of a hypochondriac growing up so I couldn’t entirely blame her. Either way, I was rushed to the hospital some time after that and diagnosed with pneumonia and I got a shot up my thigh which was so painful I remember this day.

Fun times.


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