I suspect you’re all just messing with me now.

I just finished the book LET’S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED by Jenny Lawson and I’ve decided I’ve never read a funnier memoir. Plus, she has a he-LARIOUS blog.

The Bloggess

Once again, the strangest search terms that brought people to my blog this week:

“I think my imaginary house is being recycled.”  (How can you tell?)

“Awesome super fluffy wolf snuggles.” (I don’t know what these are, but now I want some.)

“I like leaking vagina” (Is that a typo?  Please let it be a typo.)

“I Want the Bitch to Know It’s Me by Dr. Seuss”  (I’m not familiar with his earlier work.)

“I invented gravity.”  (Huh.)

“Elves are assholes.”  (Hard to argue with that one.)

“You are on holiday in another province. Write a postcard about that you will send to a parent or relative back at home.”  (Are you trying to do your homework using my blog?  Because you’re going to fail.  Badly.)

“What’s wrong with me if my stomach is full of bugs?”  (Do you mean that you have a stomach bug?  Because otherwise I think…

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