To (All) the Colleges That Rejected…(Suzy Lee Weiss)

I caught Suzy Lee Weiss on the Today Show today and I wanted to have some MAJOR OPINIONS about her. At first I felt maybe she was a little too entitled, spoiled even, and had just felt like lashing out at all the Ivy League schools who didn’t take her in.

But as a writer, I know the feeling of rejection, and soon that judgy feeling was replaced by empathy. This girl wanted to vent and did it. I’ve done this before and deleted the blog post. At least this girl is sticking to her guns.

Maybe she wrote this in a way that a lot of people would be offended, maybe she could have been a lot more PC about it. But she was making a point.

She isn’t diverse. She compares herself to a saltine cracker and believes this is the reason she was rejected. She had the grades, the SAT scores. It seemed like she had everything, except for the ultimate criteria. She isn’t a person of minority. She doesn’t have gay parents and doesn’t volunteer for struggling groups, even though she has volunteered.

On Today, Suzy Lee Weiss stated that this piece is a satire, that she was poking fun at the steep guidelines to which the top schools measure greatness. Whatever the reason she decided to write this, and wherever your political views lie, it’s worth a read. But maybe not a judgment.

Suzy Lee Weiss: To (All) the Colleges That Rejected Me –


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