My New Hero

I have a new hero:



I know this sounds odd because I’m a woman of a certain age that has just admitted her hero is a cartoon character, but when you have three small children, you find heroes in the most unlikely of places.

I watched The Croods yesterday for one of my sons’ birthday and I was just going to let my mind drift while I ate my buttery popcorn like I usually do when there’s a cartoon playing, but this one actually grabbed me.

First of all, I’m a huge fan off Emma Stone…



(Who isn’t?) …who is the voice of Eep. I just love me a headstrong female lead. With red hair, to boot.

She questioned everything her father told her to do because she knew she wanted a different life, a life of her own.

The only thing I didn’t like is how the men of the movie were the only ones who had all the ideas. I really wanted Eep to take charge more, to be the one making that transition from a cave person into an idea person, but Grug AKA Nicolas Cage was the one that changed the most.


At the beginning of the movie, it felt like the story was Eep’s, but toward the middle, it felt more like Grug’s.

Either way, the movie was great, the characters were awesome, and the jokes make me laugh out loud and gave me butter burps.

Even the animated love interest was a little sexy.


This part with the birds? Rawr! 

Okay, I mean, if the movie wasn’t animated, he would have been super sexy (ahem).

The Croods – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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