Angie Miller, American Idol, and the Blahs

I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought this year’s American Idol was a little on the blah side. I mean, there are no standout originals like Casey Abrams


or rockers like Colton Dixon and Haley Reinhart


and I was beginning to think maybe I had outgrown American Idol.

But after reading this article (see bottom of post), I don’t think that that’s quite the case. Yet. I’m just in a group of people that believe this year is mediocre. All of the guys have a similar sound–they got rid of Charlie Askew, who was my favorite for originality.


And the girls are a bit dull, save for Zoanette Johnson


who (even though I didn’t like her singing very much) kept me interested in what was going to happen next. But they got rid of her too.

My favorite girl is Candice Glover,


but my prediction for winner this year goes to Angie Miller,


because she is the one with all the “star” talent.

Angie Miller will win American Idol this season: heres why |


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